Launch of a foundation for parity in Moroccan cinema

Fifty women from the world of cinema gathered on December 6th, on the red carpet of the International Film Festival of Marrakech (FIFM) placed at the Palais des congrès. A demonstration at the call of five figures of the 7th Moroccan art who created the Tamayouz Foundation for more parity in the middle.

They made their voices heard. About fifty women directors, technicians, producers, writers and critics were present on December 6, at the call of five Moroccan film figures Dounia Benjelloun-Mezian, Farida Benlyazid, Simone Bitton, Lamia Chraibi and Narjiss Nejjar. A mobilization on the red carpet of the International Film Festival of Marrakech (FIFM) to demand a better representation of women in the film industry and thus to launch the Tamayouz Foundation. The purpose of the entity? To be a springboard for young female talents to help them gain access to the film industry, particularly in production and production.

The beginnings…

On the occasion of the last Tangier International Film Festival, the Tamayouz Foundation began its genesis following the meeting of the producer Dounia Benjelloun-Mezian and the documentary-director Simone Bitton, both members of the jury. who bestowed Lamia Chraibi’s Best Production Award for his two works “Stateless” and “Jahiliya”. To complete the trio, two directors and writers, Farida Benlyazid and Narjiss Nejjar embark on the adventure. The stake is important. “We hope that the impact of TAMAYOUZ will be measured quickly by the fruitful participation of Moroccan creators in the audiovisual space of our country as well as in international festivals, so that the contemporary stories of our region can meet the global public. “, Says Dounia Benjelloun-Mezian in a statement.

Tamayouz wants to guarantee parity

“We want to encourage private funds, possibly far removed from the world of cinema, to bring added value to the cultural milieu but also to education because the two notions are intrinsically linked,” explains Lamia Chraibi in the statement. Major Moroccan and international private groups will be particularly requested by the Foundation to promote national wealth and potential. The Foundation will also advocate for policies that ensure equality and equity, ensuring that any discrimination against women can be corrected. It is also committed to facilitating the registration of young talents in various residencies abroad such as Sundance, Torino film lab, Rawi, Tribeca, the Factory of Cinema of the world …

2019, mentoring and scholarship

After having already launched some ideas such as the creation of pairs of producers, the Foundation will launch a series of initiatives starting in 2019, such as the creation of a four-year bursary for one or more bachelor’s candidates admitted to the Higher School of Visual Arts of Marrakech (ESAV). Another commitment is that of Lamia Chraibi who will supervise the realization of five projects in a “mentoring” perspective articulated around the production profession. This support will also be complemented by the allocation of development and post-production assistance for projects led by women. Clearly, a new era begins in the film world. To be continued !

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